You’re probably familiar with New Year’s resolution statistics. If not, here’s a summary: Most people don’t keep them. Approximately 80 percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions have dropped them by the second week of February.

But what may surprise you is that the problem doesn’t lie with the goals we set. Whether it’s a small, (seemingly) easily achievable goal or a huge, life-changing goal, people tend to fail at the same rate.

While it is obviously harder to achieve a BHAG goal than a micro-goal, the difficulty of the goal you set isn’t nearly as important as whether or not you create the right process to achieve that goal — and whether you follow the process you create.

Otherwise, you’re just wishing and hoping. You have great intentions, but without a real plan to follow… your chances for success are almost nonexistent.

Which is why the very first thing you should do after you make a New Year’s resolution — or after you set any big goal — is to create a process that will allow you to actually achieve your goal. 

BrainSpa would like to be part of your process no matter the goal. Improving your brain’s ability to calm your nervous system and be more focused is our job. Train your brain to function better for life and reap the rewards of actually dominating your New Year’s resolution!